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Bright is the moon high in starlight

Chill in the air cold as steel tonight

Little Secret
20 October 1991
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i'm Missy. I'm one of those kids stuck in the middle of two parents who didn't lov each other enough to take the wedding vow seriously. All in all, I'm your average kid. I have a slight (notice...that is sarcasm) obsession with Harry Potter. I absolutely love the color green, and animals. Especially my hedgehog, and my poodle. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I hate it and Love it, but I'd probably do better without it. My Grandmother has it, My father has it, and now I do. We were all born with it. So I'll deal with it.I'm bisexual and if that scares you, that's not my problem. I don't just start hitting on girls in any case...I'm a little shy at first, but then after getting to know a person, I can be really outgoing. Actually, sometimes I can be a prick. You never know with me, but yeah. I can be a bitch. It's greath though, I'm not complaining. On a person, the first things I look at are eyes and hair. Speaking of hair, my hair is naturally black..not dyed, so don't ask which brand i use. I hate stereotypes, so don't label me. I get good grades, and I'm not embarrassed to say that I study. I'm a bit obsessive...and compulsive, but that sort of runs in my family. i HATE being coppied, even though that's like the biggest compliment a person can give. I'm from New York...enough said with that one. I can get stressed out easily, on part because I get neurotic. I love my father, and he's battling four types of cancer, and my mother and I...well that will be a journal entry one day. I don't have the oppurtunity to write everyday because my father has a Hitler like complex. And if I ever offend you, it probably(50/50) isn't on purpose. Music is NOT my main thing...Books and video games bitch. I curse a lot too, more in person though, and when I'm hyper... One cup of coffee for me is like 2 and a half. I love General Hospital, Beauty and the Geek, One Life to Live, and other things. I love to play Volleyball but I'm to lazy to try out for a team. I want to be a Medical Examiner when I grow up, so if you ever want an autopsy, call me♥
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